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            【2017 Academy of Science , the program of Hua Luogeng】-Series of lectures of Mathematics thinking methods (7)



            2017 Academy of Science , the program of Hua Luogeng

            Series of lectures of Mathematics thinking methods (7)

            Talking about mathematical thoughts


            Reporter: GE Liming

            Time: 20 April, 2017 (Thursday) PM 10:00-11:30

            Location: A1101#room, Innovation Park Building

            Abstract: From the natural number, combine arithmetic structure of the natural number with geometry, analysis, algebra and other fields. The natural number in various areas have a very deep connection, so as to guide us on how to study meaningful mathematical problems. 

            Brief introduction to the reporter: GE Liming is a doctoral supervisor, researcher of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science,CAS, the PI of a One-hundred talent program and also is a member of Changjiang Scholars Program.