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            Hotel Information

            1.Logistics hotel of Dalian University of  Technology

            Location: In Xishan living area of the Dalian University of Technology, south of the Patio Restaurant

            Tel: 0411-85805555

            Reference price: 

            Single room  100 yuan/room/day

            Double Room  100 yuan/room/oday

            Triple Room  120 yuan/room/day


            2. International Conference Center of Dalian University of Technology

            Location: Dalian District of Ganjingzi City Road 2 (in the campus of DUT)

            Tel: 0411-62628888

            Reference price:  

            Single room  398 yuan/room/day

            Business Single Room  418 yuan/room/day               

            Business Standard Room  418 yuan/room/day


            3. Dexiang Hotel

            Location: Dalian High - tech Zone Ling Shui Road 43

            Tel: 4007-16-4007

            Reference price: 

            Double room  196 yuan/room/day

            Standard room  206 yuan/room/day

            Family Room  236 yuan/room/day